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Road to Survival
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The Road Before & After Surgery
March 27, 2017
Take 2..
Mood:  chillin'
Now Playing: Day 2639-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)



Time for this weeks early morning treatment. Time sure does fly by, especially so far this new year, 2017. Today marks week 3 with new immunotherapy treatments. I am finishing up my latest round of antibiotics due to a bad reaction to my dental prosthesis. Now that I am finished with my medication, after close monitoring by my dentist. Infection caught early on. I was scheduled to see my dental team this evening.

'Scheduled' doesn't necessarily mean that the appointment will stick. Life has a crazy way of throwing a major wrench in even the most carefully planned schedule.

Dental appointment.  Take 2..

I tend to do fairly well with my outpatient treatments and even more so with the various medications that I must take at home. What has been a new symptom for me, body temperature quickly tumbling out of nowhere, has also been a very unpredictable one! All was well, until late afternoon when too much of a treatment good-thing came quickly tumbling down. Mentally, I am always up for the challenge, but physically my body just wasn't on par for any type of treatment today. This evenings 8pm dental appointment canceled and rescheduled for tomorrow evening. Thank goodness for their late office hours and taking me in as their last patient of the day! Thank goodness for doctors and dentists whom are not only patient, but very understanding. Thank YOU!

Eric has been busy today with numerous tasks regarding our temporary home. RVing... Our goal is to have the RV set up and fully functioning within the next few weeks. Another goal is with hopes of making a smooth transition! The RV has plenty of room to be comfortable, but still it will be a major change for all of us. Even our fur children. I would like to say that if things don't work with the RV, that we always have our home to fall back on. The problem with that statement is that our home, if we stay much longer, will literally be something to FALL back on! No pun intended as the foundation continues to pull, shift and sink with more rain predicted for next week. EEEE~YIKES! So yes... Anything is safer than living under a crumbling foundation. RVing... It will be... for the time being.

We have so much going on in our lives and so many new journeys that await for us over the horizon. That includes next weekends other journey. JOURNEY! The time has almost arrived for our day-trip to see one of my all-time favorite bands in concert~JOURNEY! I can't hardly stand the anticipation! Let's just hope that my body will follow my brains anticipation. JOURNEY! WOO~HOO!!

I am going to end today's blog about another journey. A journey of dedication in helping those realize their full potential. A new journey as a very talented, hard working and dedicated crew that have a shared passion in life. The love of animals and sharing a special treat with our beloved furry canines. Littleblue and Snoreo were honored to taste test these super healthy treats with a FOUR-PAWS review! ~RUFF-RUFFRUFF-RUFF~

Be sure to share some Brewhaus!



Handcrafted Dog Bones


Brewhaus Bakery

 The Brewhaus Bakery Co. is a not-for-profit company dedicated to providing vocational training for young adults with disabilities. Brewhaus Dog Bones are always handcrafted, small batch, oven baked dog treats made from whole grains proudly sourced from local microbreweries.

Your purchase supports fun, meaningful project based learning and work skill development to inspire and enable people to improve their lives and the world around them. Thank you for supporting our mission! PAW IT FORWARD!


Support Brewhaus Dog Bones

*Great news! If you shop on Amazon, you can now select Brewhaus to get a .5% donation from each purchase you make. Simply start your shopping on smile.amazon.com and choose Brewhaus from the list of nonprofits. There’s no addition cost!*

Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: March 28, 2017 6:02 AM EDT
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March 26, 2017
Mood:  bright
Now Playing: Day 2638-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)


ONWARD with our journey in this little place we call, "Life."

We are both already embracing change. Not just changes within my health, but as well changes within our lifestyle. The way we once lived, will once again, change. Even I have embraced another change with my appearance as I once again, embraced a far more shorter, stylish, yet POWERFUL hairstyle. Do I love it?


I'm not sure if I will ever go back to growing out it again, because so far I am really loving this new hair cut! Having blonde hair with this new style looks even better! Each day, I am loving it even more! If you have seen the new Kohler commercial... That is all the hint I will be disclosing for now, until I do my reveal at a later date. Eric said, what a cliff-hanger! Hahahahaha!


We still continue with changes when it comes to what everyone is eating in our household. Not just our beloved fur children, but also Eric who is used to eating what he wants and I wouldn't say that it's the most healthiest of choices. Inhaling a box of Swiss Rolls in a record day doesn't count as healthy. Heeheeheehee! However... Now he has no choice in the matter as I continue cooking far healthier meals and the result is actually showing on his face! His skin is much clearer, energy levels are up and he is smiling a lot more! I asked him how the changes have been when it comes to how he is feeling with eating super healthy. His response? "I will not be going back to junk food or fast food when all it did was make me feel sluggish and unhealthy."

This is a sample of clean and healthy eating! A simple, ten minute oven veggie-stir-fry with low sodium glaze and pepper seasoning. It only lasted a few days with a quite obvious delicious outcome! POOF~All GONE! I remain diligent with my organic fruit and veggie drinks, prescription protein shakes and antioxidant waters. Less is always MORE! I am super excited to be cooking a slue of new healthy dishes and will continue on our new stove located on YOLO. Our future way of living life. RVing...

We didn't do much this weekend, that didn't pertain to slowly transitioning to our new way of living. What we did finally complete were the three separate moving piles of belongings. What gets sold, what gets stored and what will be going with us to the RV. I anticipated to take a lot more time, but once again, careful strategizing seemed to pay off! This evening we were finally able to sit down and r-e-l-a-x. Not only are we mentally exhausted, but my body is physically beat and in dire need of some serious R&R! Till we start back up again, tomorrow... 



Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: March 27, 2017 2:10 AM EDT
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March 25, 2017
Introducing... YOLO!
Mood:  bright
Now Playing: Day 2637-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)


Introducing... YOLO!

Not, yellow... YOLO~You Only Live Once~

I wanted to call her, "Big Bertha" but Eric said that the name didn't make any sense. Instead I said, "What about YOLO? You Only Live Once?"


There is no need for any type of jealousy and if anyone thinks otherwise, then clearly you either have no clue what has been going on in our lives OR you really haven't kept up with this blog. *CLAPS*

Trust me...  We would much rather be living in our 5-month old home that is unfortunately sinking, pulling and twisting due to pre-existing foundation issues with the prior owners. In order for the bank and other parties to proceed ahead legally. We first must vacate our lemonade home. The house also continues to suffer from other pre-existing foundation issues that have only gotten far worse due to this crazy weather that started over this past winter season. Now with more rain and constantly changing temperatures in the upcoming weeks. It is far more important to vacate now than ever!

OCD me, who constantly monitors her credit and credit score used good credit to my advantage. No money down and a low interest rate on top of a GREAT deal meant a really cheap monthly payment! Resale value? Even better since I wheeled-and-dealed $7,200 less on the asking price. I plan on reselling it within 1-2 years. We really didn't have a choice in the matter, since rental properties were out of the question and not wanting to literally through away money. I can only hope that my choice, YOLO, was an exceptionally good ONE! A very wise and financially smart choice! This will only be a temporary living situation, but hopefully as well, a very peaceful one! I have heard the good and the bad with camping. I have also heard the same when it comes to camping and temporarily living in a recreational vehicle, coach, travel trailer or whatever you may want to call it. I call it saving money until litigation and other legal matters are settled. I hope for the sellers, who fraudulently sold us an unsafe and inhabitable home, that there will be a great lesson to be learned. The greatest lesson we have learned is that you can't trust folks in this day and age. Tis better to have your guards UP, than down!

If court proceedings get to the point of come winter time. Several months from now. Then we will cross that bridge when we reach it with another safe and smart back up plan in tow! No PUN intended! Hahahahaha! One might think you can live in a recreational vehicle in the winter time, but think again... It's impossible due to safety reasons and health issues which is why you see most RV's in storage for the winter months. Like I said... This isn't our most 'ideal' way to live, so no need to be jealous, because that would be ridiculously SILLY! It is a 'safe' roof over our head for the time being and lots of room to live the best RV way we will learn how over the spring and upcoming summer months. We will have to transition s-l-o-w-l-y due to what it takes to set up for RV living, but in this situation... The BIGGER, the ROOMIER, the BETTER for all of us!

A far more peaceful and quieter way of living? We sure hope so!

YOLO~You Only Live Once~

*The RV lifestyle allows you to be somewhat nomadic and embrace a lifestyle or whimsy. You can take your RV anywhere in the world. And yes, we have met people who ferried over RVs from Europe, where RVing is also popular.

*You can only be a hoarder for so long, because you literally don't have the space to accumulate stuff. You'll never own anything that isn't essential.

*It's perfectly acceptable to constantly eat s'mores, popsicles and hotdogs whenever you like.

*It takes five minutes to clean the entire house. Six minutes if you vacuum.

*The RV lifestyle promotes being outdoors where as having a big house promotes sitting on the couch, binge-watching Netflix.

To live in an RV I might be thought of as "less", or people might judge me. However, somehow I landed an amazing wife who challenged me to dream big and to not worry about what other people think. Awhile back we faced a decision to either stay in Austin with our jobs or save up, or buy an RV and hit the road. We decided to choose adventure instead of comfort, and it's made all the difference in the world.

I've grown more as a person than I could have ever imagined.


Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: March 27, 2017 1:01 AM EDT
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March 24, 2017
What REALLY Stresses Me OUT! :(
Mood:  sad
Now Playing: Day 2636-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)


Losing a beloved fur child is heartbreaking.

Coming to grips with another cancer diagnosis is not only sad and depressing, but downright FRUSTRATING!

This is what REALLY stresses me out... CANCER.

Cuddles kitty still seems to be living life to the fullest. At a soon-to-be 19 years young, she still never seizes to amaze us nor our veterinarian staff. I credit such a long and happy kitty life to how much we love and care for our super sweet elder kitty. No matter how much her needs and demands might change as she continues aging gracefully. WE will always love her no matter what and do what we must to make sure she lives a super happy kitty life! Same goes for all of our beloved fur children. Even Miss DaisyMae and SnugglyDoo guinea piggy's who will be turning a year old this weekend. There are times though when no matter how much we care and love our beloved fur kids, illness can strike out of nowhere. Of all evils that be... Cancer.

Littleblue was recently diagnosed with mammary cancer only a mere 3 months ago. Sadly and shockingly, we found out today that Littleblue's cancer has become very aggressive. As parents of fur children, same as with parents of human children. I could tell something just wasn't quite right with Littleblue. Lately her energy level has been much lower than just over the past few weeks. Littleblue has also been very guarded with her tumor and a bit more irritable. Fatigue and excessive sleeping is normal when suffering from cancer. It is expected, but what no one can expect nor predict is the progression of the disease within itself. If the cancer will slowly progress or quickly start to spread to other areas of the body.

Today's veterinarian appointment was the most important one yet with regards to finally coming to realize Littleblue's prognosis.  We most definitely did not expect it to be such a grim one. What we also did not expect to hear was that her cancer has already began to progress as it continues to spread to other areas of her body. Littleblue will be 10 years young within only a few months. Today's very sad and depressing news is another grim reminder of just how much cancer has taken front and center stage in our lives. All of our lives. Of all evils that be... Cancer is the most evil of them all and the most difficult to beat. If even possible to defy and overcome such slim odds. 

Littleblue's veterinarian appointment and heartbreaking prognosis isn't about making her suffer. It is about what is BEST for our beloved Littleblue. It isn't about prolonging a life of suffering just for the sole sake of her human parents. It is about allowing Littleblue to continue the remainder of her life as comfortable as possible. I would 100% do the same for human children of my own. To me, there is no difference in how I would treat a fur child or a human child. My heart still beats the same. We have come to a crossroad where there is no turning back. There are no surgical options for Littleblue due to the complexity of her cancer and the affects it is having on her lungs. Our veterinarians were successfully able to stabilize her breathing issues with medication, but it isn't a cure by any means. Her lungs never got any better, just stabilized for now by daily medication. I assume we were a bit naive in believing that there could possibly be some sort of surgical option, but today's new x-rays and blood work show otherwise as we now come to another realization. The inevitable loss of another one of our beloved fur children. 

We were briefed on what to anticipate with Littleblue's cancer within the months ahead... It won't be easy, but I vow to make sure that Littleblue's remaining time with us is the most comfortable and happiest as possible. I have done so for all of our beloved fur children. I wouldn't have it any other way as they have always been there for me through out my journey. I vow to remain just as dedicated for them through out their own journey. Sadly, another cancer journey.

What makes me the most stressed? Today's news and grim reminder of another cancer diagnosis and sad prognosis. This is what makes me stressed and very depressed, but WE will carry on! Life will not stop. Not even for our beloved fur children, our unconditionally  loving pets. 

Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: March 26, 2017 11:24 PM EDT
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March 23, 2017
The ROAD Before & AFTER Surgery
Mood:  lucky
Now Playing: Day 2635-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)


The Road Before & After Surgery

How fitting for a blog title! My life has literally changed in so many ways and more directions that I can even remember, but today it has become official...

We are on the move to safer ground!

This mornings sunrise walk along the river trails was a perfect time to reflect on just how far we have come in a mere 5 crazy months. I honestly thought our house of hidden lemon gems would end up killing us before we could find a temporary home, but the good Lord wouldn't have and neither would those who watch over us from heaven. Today? Today was a blessing in disguise, because some how, some way, things in life end up happening at their own pace. On their own terms. Sometimes... Things are just meant to be.

What an absolutely beautiful morning to walk along the river trails with the suns rays reflecting off the water. It was a very peaceful, quiet walk as we continue making plans on a far more successful move than just a mere 5 months ago. We learned a great deal from our last move! With those mistakes, trials and errors. I believe that this move will be a lot smoother and far less stressful as we head 90 minutes further into the country. Our current little, lazy, river town might be country, but where we are heading to next is REALLY COUNTRY! YEE~HAW!!!

We just couldn't see literally throwing our money away nor handing it to a distrustful private property owner. I have seen enough lying, deceit and sneakiness from not only private property owners, but also property rental companies. This is where keeping an OCD eye on our credit has literally saved US! We won't be renting, sorry private property owners and rental companies. You won't be seeing a dime from us. Never, ever. Time to get our big adult britches on!

Time to head out to the country.... Where peace and quiet is calling our name...

I will miss all of the wildlife that I have fattened up over the past 5 months. Heeheeheehee! Even the very lucky and super rare Albino Squirrel who happened to show up on a very lucky morning, St. Patrick's Day. I tend to believe that the lucky little white squirrel blessed us that morning, as good things come to those who wait... I will most definitely miss all of the little things that brought so much joy, happiness, smiles and even laughter in our little, lazy, river town. Yes! Even in a house that should had never been sold in the first place. I call those, "Silver Linings." We all have them in our lives. You just have to be willing to believe.

It took months, but we are excited to announce that our plan is now in full steam ahead! We will soon be on the road again...

The Road Before & After Surgery

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Updated: March 24, 2017 8:13 AM EDT
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March 22, 2017
An Apple A Day...
Mood:  bright
Now Playing: Day 2634-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)


It's a sunshine day~ No rain!

An early morning "Rise N' Shine" kind of day! Time to head out in hopes of switching out a few things on our new home. Temporary, maybe not the most ideal, but tis a home! A safer home that is also surrounded by a huge wildlife preserve.

How ironic! Could it be the most perfect spot for such animal lovers like ourselves?... YOU BETCHA!

I can't believe that I am actually saying it, but I am honestly looking forward to our next move! Unfortunately, it won't be Nevada, not just yet, but heading out west for our final and permanent destination is still in the works. Right now we have court proceedings that will require us to stay a bit nearby in hopes of settling things out much sooner, than later. Today we took another step in the right direction! Thank YOU for all who have been involved in such short notice. Thank the good Lord for framily. Friends who are family. XOXOXO

Grandma Cuddles kitty will be turning 19 years young in a month. With age comes difficulty in keeping up on daily nutrition. Cuddles is slowly getting senile so we had to come up with an alternate way to feed her, nothing that involves needles. While venturing out over the weekend, we noticed a new senior cat food that is mostly chicken broth with tiny pieces of chicken. At $1.99 for a very small pouch of food, I decided to try something new for Cuddles. A far better way for her to still be able to eat on her own without being fed through a syringe or IV. WHA~LA! I have now mastered a new and far more reasonable way for Cuddles to still enjoy a variety of canned foods, but at a far easier and healthier way for her to enjoy them!

One high powered blender, warm spring water, low sodium chicken broth and a can of her favorite cat food. We weren't sure if Cuddles would like the new way to enjoy her food, puréed, but she actually LOVES IT! YAYYYY! Make that 'THEY' all love it! Mittens and Beary kitty too! Not only will we be saving a lot of money on can food that she could barely chew or eat, but now we have a far happier and healthier Grandma Cuddles! YAYYYY!

We have also made a change when it comes to cooking our own food. Since our microwave finally saw the light, off to microwave heaven. Heeheeheehee! We decided to take some great advice from my dietician and opt for a toaster oven. For those who remember their parents or grandparents having one of these cooking beauties during the holidays while tossing in a few appetizers. The new toaster ovens are even better and far more energy efficient! They aren't just for toasting anymore! The new updated version not only toasts like a pro, but cooks pretty much anything too! Of course, I need to reintroduce myself a second time around to the new toaster oven settings after my first failed attempt to cook some hamburgers and toast some garlic bread for Eric. I couldn't figure out why the hamburgers were hardly cooking?. Hmmmm?... That was until I accidently put them on broil, walked away for a mere few minutes and set off all of our smoke alarms in the house. HAHAHAHA! First time for everything and that includes burning the first round of garlic bread. HA! Microwaves have been known for decades to not be healthy for cancer patients. The microwave, radio waves over long periods of time show to be unhealthy for anyone, especially those suffering from long term health conditions. My dietician suggested last year to toss our microwave and opt for a much healthier way to heat and cook our food. Welcome to the toasting way of life!

As for a little friend of mine over in Illinois. Yes, see I was right! Too much caffeinated coffee not only dries you out, due to absorbing water within the body, but it also ages you. I expect a few text messages tomorrow morning once he reads this blog entry while sipping on that darn grande Starb*cks! Heeheeheehee! Join me in a far healthier way of life by toasting, juicing, pureeing and drinking lots of wellness water! Healthy=Happy

"Coffee is highly acidic. High doses of caffeinated coffee mess with your hormones. On top of that, it acts like a diuretic, dehydrating your body.

Cutting back on caffeinated coffee helps not only your body to rehydrate, but it helps keep your skin glowing and hair shiny. Too much caffeine not only dehydrates the body, but advances the aging process."

Or... You can opt like myself by staying away from large crowds, smoking, drinking and just liquid diet with some of the most healthiest ingredients you can find! That would make me pretty much like a vampire of some sorts wouldn't it?. Heeheeheehee! A far less aging one, but you will never see me complain. Less unhealthy microwave-radio waves, less dehydrating caffeinated coffee and far more healthier options. Not just for ourselves, but for our beloved fur children too!

Like I always say... If you truly want to be happy in life...


Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: March 23, 2017 11:43 AM EDT
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March 21, 2017
A Message On A Balloon... A Very Special Balloon :)
Mood:  special
Now Playing: Day 2633-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)


There is a special place within the country. A place within our little, lazy, quiet, river town. A small area that runs along side the river trails.

How do I know? A little birdy told me so!

For some reason, this area along the river trails calls me and some how... It tends to always know that I will answer it's urgent beck and call.

We finally had a some-what dry day to enjoy a nice evening walk along the river trails. Snoreo and Littleblue were extra jumpy since having to stay indoors over the past 24 hours due to all the rain. They have yet to really enjoy our fenced in backyard due to the condition of the soil that surrounds our property. Unstable and definitely unsafe. The soil is also very soft, like sand. When it rains, even a little bit of rain, it's super muddy. Tis better safe, when dry!

7pm and out the door for a nice evening walk along the river trails. A time to reflect on the day and life in general. However, I have come to quickly realize that I never know what to expect when walking through a particular area of the river trails. I try to describe the feeling of good energy, even... special energy to Eric, but it's honestly very hard to explain to someone who doesn't have the same gift. A gift that started at a very young age. A gift from heaven. The same section of river trails was where I sadly had to watch the life of a neighbors beloved elderly cat lose his life. As Mr. Chester Orangie Angel remains at peace, surrounded by 18 acres of God's country, in our backyard, buried safe, sound and with one of Mitten's toys cradled in his paw. The same special area, along the river trails, had a very special calling this evening. I don't know why nor do I know how, but the special and very unexpected in life always tends to find me.

It knows that I will answer it's beck and call. This evening... A special message that needed a little bit of help reaching heaven.

As we ironically walked through the exact same area with the exact same strong energy, a special message awaited to be saved. As a long white string quickly caught my eye, way up and twisted around an old walking trail light post. Eric didn't see it, but I sure saw it and I most definitely felt the instant pull by the unexplained energy! I looked up and there it was! A message. A very special message on a balloon. As I told Eric to grab some sort of long stick with an end to it, he looked at me puzzled. I said, "See that balloon? It needs rescued because it has a message for me that needs to be delivered!" Eric was in complete shock. Not only did he not see the balloon, but he had no idea how I knew there was a message on it since it was far too high up on the 20ft light post to see it. Especially in the evening hours, when it was almost dark.

These are the times that I even have a hard time explaining, but I just know, it's a gift that I have been blessed with as a message anxiously awaited to be saved, along with the very special balloon.

As I took over Snoreo and Littleblue's leash. Eric did his best jump possible with a long wooded stick and a perfect claw like limb on the end. We both were shocked that he actually was able to wrap the stick around the white string on the very first try! Heeheeheehee! How crazy is that?!! As I stood with the balloon in my hand. There was an overwhelming sense of peace. Even Eric felt it as I read the message that didn't make it back home to heaven. Not just yet, anyways...

"Happy Birthday Daddy

Hope your day was as awesome as you.

I love you & miss you more & more every day

you always

Your baby girl


Happy birthday grandpa

I Love you and Miss you

Im glad to know you will be

watching over us I Love You

sooo much

forever & always

your grandson


It was a very sobering walk back to our car as the message on the balloon that got stuck along the way, had yet to reach it's final destination. To the Daddy and Grandpa that is loved more than most on the face of this earth will ever know. On a very special Birthday. At that moment, I knew my beck and call. This message on the beautiful, colorful birthday balloon had someone anxiously awaiting to read it. So this evening, after the world fell asleep and the energy around me began to change, I used my gift to connect with their loved one.

The pictures on this blog were taken with my cell phone. A plain, normal cell phone. Nothing fancy is ever needed. There is nothing altered or changed. I don't expect everyone to believe, that is, unless you too share a special gift. A way to connect with those back home in heaven.

I don't know how I know. I just know when the time is right as the energy begins to thicken in the air.

As I placed the balloon with the message on top of our fireplace (photos clearly show fireplace not turned on) and a few pieces of equipment around it. The energy instantly changed and so did the air that surrounded me as I began to aim the cameras towards the balloon and welcomed the message to be read for their loved one. These are the back-to-back images that were captured as clearly someone was waiting. I could only stand there in sheer disbelief to the point, of even being a bit taken back myself at the image walking up to the fireplace, in front of the balloon. As if... NAH! Let's face it! The message that some how got stuck on the tall light post, along the special area of the river trails, finally got delivered. I answered it's beck and call, but in all realty. Their loved one answered it's beck and call in hopes of receiving their message on a very special day.

A heart felt, full of love that runs deeper than any river, message that was finally read by their loved one. A Happy Birthday Daddy, Happy Birthday Grandpa, message on a very special balloon~

As that special balloon, with a very special message remains safely in my care. I will be placing the message on a new balloon this coming weekend and send it back off to the place where love has no boundaries. Not even of this earth.



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March 20, 2017
Mood:  special
Now Playing: Day 2632-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)



Another day...  Another treatment...

No complaints though, only that they tend to be scheduled way too bright and early! I already have one heck of a time trying to stay on some sort of sleep schedule. HA! What's that?

Unfortunately, we got hit with another huge storm system that brought with it WAY too much rain. Rain that our sinking house did not need which made the scary sounds from a leaning and pulling stone chimney top that much scarier! EEEEE~YIKES!! No worries, because our urgent vacating game plan is already in the works! We were hopeful that this time would never come, but soon enough it will be back on the road with our fur children in tow. Did I just pull another rhyme or what?. Hahahahaha!

I remember as a kid my Dad stopping on the middle of the road out of no where! He would do a quick illegal U-turn, look in the backseat at us kids and say, "All be darn! Hold on for a minute. I see a turtle out on the road!" Those were the good ole days. One just never knew what we were stopping for or what would be rescued next, but by golly! My Dad made sure it was rescued! Same with a raccoon that once got stuck in our bird feeder. Talking about a tricky rescue with a thick glass enclosure and one very scared raccoon stuck inside after gorging himself a few extra pounds. Heeheeheehee! I guess you can say, that the turtle rescue has continued onto the next generation. Me.

On our way up to the hospital. In the middle of the road. Sure enough! There was a poor little box turtle. How in the world did he get there, out in the middle of a busy road? Who knows, but OFF to turtle RESCUE! Heeheeheehee! As I quickly did a huge U-turn, illegal as heck in the country, I looked at Eric and said, "Hold on! Be back in a second! Gotta rescue the turtle!" Eric didn't even have a chance to react. He was still shocked that I pulled an illegal U-turn and then parked on the side of the shoulder. Another illegal stunt, but who cares when a turtle is in need of being rescued! Heeheeheehee!

Of course, since we were on our way to the hospital for my next round of treatments, we had to do a make-shift temporary bed for the little box turtle. While I was in treatment, Mr. Turtle was snoozing the morning hours away, tucked nice and snug in Snoreo and Littleblue's back seat blanket. NO way! I wasn't going to put him anywhere, but where I know he would be safe and happy. A place where he could eat lots of bugs, leaves, twigs and with a small creek so he could have lots of water to drink.

Sounds like a familiar place... Hmmmm....

18-acres that surrounds the wooded hillside. Right behind our fence on far more safer and stable ground, we welcomed our first rescued box turtle. Eric built a nice make-shift hide out, just until Mr. Turtle got comfortable enough to explore his new 18-acre wooded home.

What a great way to start the beginning of spring! Another one of God's creatures rescued! Now safe and sound.

Isn't it crazy how life repeats itself? One turtle rescue generation after another and without one single U-turn violation, illegal shoulder parking ticket!


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March 19, 2017
Another Round Of Things That Make You Go... HMMMM?....
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Talking about a frightening sound that woke me up from a very deep sleep!

No need to heed the warning... HEAR the WARNING!

The warning of something next to me as I attempted to catch up on some serious sleep. Only a few hours later after having to call my dentist around 3am due to severe pain, burning and white ulcers through out my entire mouth. Mostly around my new dental prosthesis. Not good.

Sure, I was warned. We all knew of the chances in which my body might reject what I have dreamed in accomplishing. A new smile. So... At 3am I had to call my dental group and speak to the lead dentist, Dr. Brown so we could go over what was happening which I learned is a reaction my body is having to the dental prosthesis. Sadly, it happens. Unfortunately, it is happening to me. Luckily we took some photos earlier in the day of the strange white ulcers that started appearing around the dental prosthesis. The sore throat, burning and pain only got worse through out the night and into the early morning hours. After reviewing photos and going over my symptoms over the phone. I was told to take the prosthesis out and not put it back in until they see me early next week. Once again, back on another round of antibiotics due to fear of complications with my current immunotherapy treatment. I am pretty bummed out, that things happened so quickly with my body rejecting the dental prosthesis. What I thought would be my permanent new smile, but things like this do happen. No reason to let it continue to bring me down. I can't change what is not within my power. I will let my dental group handle things from here...

What myself and Eric really need to be concerned with right now is the sound below the ground. Or... As of this morning. The sounds coming from the other side of the couch. Where of course, I sleep.

We haven't really heard any foundation settling lately. Not since the Duke Energy tree butchering project was finally completed. BAH! We really hoped, along with the engineers and insurance company, that the weight of the trees being released would also relieve some pressure around our foundation. No one can predict what the foundation will do next, but this morning was definitely not a very good sound, nor a very good sign. A sign of things still yet to come.

We didn't get much sleep this morning. Not until we had to make our way back up to our local home improvement store due to finding a few other hidden lemon gems left by the prior owners. At least we have narrowed down two further pre-existing issues that are now leaving visual evidence around the exterior of our foundation and interior perimeter of our garage. The garage attached to the dining room and living room chimney. EEEEE~YIKES! Our chimney has three different sections which now makes things a lot more serious. The exterior pipe to our furnace runs through this unstable chimney that is now making sounds of soon to be a fatal collapse. We have a block foundation, stone exterior and a complete after-thought stone chimney MISTAKE which is now shifting the house in another direction. Add pre-existing issues due to seller negligence and you have a death trap waiting to happen on an entirely different death trap level.

Eric had to get on top of the roof this morning, which I wouldn't trust even a leaf to land on, in order to place a large tarp around the chimney that is now cracking, seperating and pulling. With rain in the forecast for tomorrow afternoon, we can't risk a thing. Not even one single raindrop. The contractor dash will be on come 8am, Monday morning as we attempt to quickly find someone to come out and evaluate some very seriously scary issues with the stone fireplace and stone chimney that is now sitting unstable on top of our roof. Below it? The air conditioner. We also have a garage door that would had only taken Eric a mere few hours to replace due to our other garage door suffering damage from the unstable house. That IS... If the prior owners did not do such a half you-know-what job with the original garage door and even laid live wires for the garage door opener against the sensors. BRAVO! BRAVO! Said, no one, ever.

Do trust, just because we attempted to go above, beyond and give our best Boy Scout and Girl Scout try, did we ever NOT have a back-up plan in case something like this was to happen. Again. We actually had two back-up plans in place in case of a quick vacate and as of this evening. It has come down to one single back up plan. It isn't what we would had envisioned or most definitely deserve due to negligence on the prior owners, sellers of these hidden lemon gems, but things must now proceed at full steam ahead. That is before this house comes crashing down on us with thousands upon thousands of pounds of stones, full steam down upon us, a-head! Our heads. 

We had hoped for a much more laid back upcoming week, but life happens. It isn't what happens to you, but how you handle and respond to what is happening. I am a hell of a lot wiser by trial, errors and even tribulations. Time to be brave and embrace all the changes ahead with the Good Lord by our side!

Ready or not! P.O. Box here we COME!


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March 18, 2017
13 Years Later.............
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The week of St. Patrick's Day is not only a very lucky week, but it is also the time of year to reflect on another lucky accomplishment.
Today, March 18th, 2017 marks 13 years since my initial Idiopathic Gastroparesis diagnosis.
Tis been a very, VERY long time!
I never went through the experimental pacemaker surgery nor did I opt for any type of GI organ transplant. My specialists always kept me away from any type of feeding tubes and other artificial means of daily nutrition. What we all do agree on is one thing... LESS is truly MORE!
Instead of opting for any type of experimental medical options that are offered to Gastroparesis patients. I always remained diligent to go against the grain. Always up for being the GP guinea pig whether that meant a new prescription supplemental shake, new organic drinks and even opting for advice from a few Amish doctors that my dieticians keep in touch with up north. Everything, through it all, has been trial and error. Even 13 years later............. Everything is still trial and error. Some days are good. Other days are bad. Isn't that life in a nutshell? We have to learn to take the good with the bad and continue life to the best of our ability.
I have learned that LESS not only means MORE, but I have also spared my body surgical mutilation from experimental GI, Gastroparesis treatments. I might be a dietary GP guinea pig, but I sure won't be an experimental GP surgical guinea pig. Amen! Less medications, less surgeries, less solid food-mainly liquids, LESS stress and far more reasons to smile and be happy in life IS MORE! I have no regrets with any of my decisions over the past 13 years when it came to desperately managing such a poorly researched and still to this very day, misunderstood GI condition. Gastroparesis.
I am more proud than ever to say, that I have yet to endure any further Drano aka Hell-In-A-Jug intestinal treatments. I still must rely on injections to help mimic an obsolete GI tract, but over time, it has gotten easier. With each treatment and each injection, it has gotten a lot easier to tolerate. Remaining on a full liquid diet isn't easy nor is it for those who don't have some serious willpower, but for me, it works!
Gastroparesis doesn't define you. Cancer doesn't define you nor any other illness. It only makes you STRONGER! Suffering is only part of the journey. What would life be without the struggles and lessons learned that come out of suffering? The good Lord will always make sure that you never walk alone. Even days as if you feel you are alone. YOU are not alone. YOU will never be alone.

To the Father and Son medical team back in Ohio. My 4 year prognosis, based off of your determination of the seriousness of my Gastroparesis, as well from years working with other Gastroparesis patients at one of the most well known clinics in the great USA, Cleveland clinic... 9 years later.
I am still here. I have survived!

  "Survivorship means you are alive to advocate for research, to help those who need help, and to gain a better perspective on what life is really about – loving and being loved, giving and sharing.

WE are all survivors from the first day of our diagnosis and will each have a unique walk down the medical journey. However, we will all meet challenges, successes and failures that have been met and dealt with before us and will be met and dealt with again after us.
Each and every one of us have a responsibility to leave behind whatever knowledge and life experiences that will benefit those who walk the path after us."
Gastroparesis Awareness Campaign


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