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Road to Survival
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The Road Before & After Surgery
February 16, 2017
Mood:  chillin'
Now Playing: Day 2600-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)


So much for Eric making fun of my homemade deer feeder! Looks like we know who got the last laugh!


Once again, it was another day being stuck at home. The only adventures out of the house has been back and forth to the hospital, oncology and allergy specialist. My body just can't seem to rid of any infections. Antibiotics no longer work or they are becoming resistant. We all knew that sooner or later, this day might come.

It did.

Today they started me on Immunotherapy. Some might know of the therapy as a very controversial therapy. Immunotherapy consists of not just one drug, but 3, along with rounds of allergy injections in hopes of counteracting drug side effects. Immunotherapy helps to build an immune system when ones immune system becomes depleted due to long term illness, cancer, cancer treatments and a few other medical ailments, complications. Immunotherapy, unfortunately is not something that will work INSTANTLY. It actually takes up to a year, even possibly longer, for the body to create antibodies, while utilizing biotherapy, Immunotherapy treatment.

We didn't have a choice in whether to start me on therapy today. We also didn't have a choice on whether or not our insurance company will pay for the expensive outpatient treatments. That includes injections and pill form Immunotherapy prescription drugs that I started today. This was suppose to be a possible 'option' for the day when my immune system becomes depleted, but sometimes you can't predict even the inevitable. My team of specialists work extremely hard, helping me to continue fighting a very long battle. Their options ran out as far as medication. Immunotherapy is my only option and last course of treatment available for someone with my unique and quite complex medical case. I was told to expect feeling worse, before all the treatment medication starts kicking in, especially when no one is for certain what will or won't absorb properly. Allergy injections will hopefully help counteract the worst, when it comes to Immunotherapy drug side effects.

I can't tell you that it's going to be easy, but I can tell you that the risks are worth the other only option, which is... None.

My doctors are hoping that our insurance company will kick in the coverage on the treatments, since majority will be given in a home setting. What they are not sure, is whether the outpatient treatments will be covered. Same as with last years round of radiation and other treatments. It might takes months before we find out, after each insurance claim is carefully reviewed. Hopefully, before the sticker shock price hits our mailbox, at least it will buy me some time to start rebuilding a much needed immune system. I can't continue fighting, if I don't have something to help me fight.

As far as our fur children? They never seize to amaze me, as they remain dedicated by my side. Animals... They just seem to know when you need that unconditional love the most. XOXOXO 

Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EST
Updated: February 17, 2017 2:38 AM EST
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February 15, 2017
And... The WINNER IS...
Mood:  d'oh
Now Playing: Day 2599-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)


Unfortunately... Here we go again with more house of a million lemons surprises!

We just paid for some minor, but mandatory concrete repairs over the weekend. What we didn't realize, until the contractor came back this morning in order to pick up a few tools that he accidently left behind, was a huge separation starting in the garage. Of course, it happens to be right where the living room fireplace is located. Next to where I sleep, on the other side. Silly me, assuming... The safe side. HA!

Let's face it. There is no 'safe side' to this house. It didn't take very long, but a mere discussion with the contractor and a call to the civil engineer, before realizing that we can no longer sell our home. The house is a complete loss due to another round of major foundation shifting, pulling and sinking. Not only is this not very good news, but definitely not safe. We were hoping to sell the house, 'As-Is.' With this mornings latest findings, we are unfortunately going to have to proceed ahead in a very lengthy ligation battle. What we both don't need as far as stress. Eric had a very long day on the phone, reaching out to the bank and other parties with our next step which seems to be like a very meticulous game of chess. I never really liked chess anyways...

Back to sifting through rental properties. Another very interesting game of chess. It's been years since looking into a rental home. What I didn't realize, was how much things have changed. Renting a home is ten times harder than buying a home. This isn't a joke. It's an understatement! The problem we keep encountering is not only outrageous rental home prices, an average between $1,500-$2,000, but as well a mixed breed Snoreo being labeled a ferocious breed. HAHAHAHA! We have even had to go so-far-as to provide proof via copy of Snoreo's DNA report from Mars Laboratory. Yes! It is THAT ridiculously RIDICULOUS out there in today's society when it comes to renting a home.

I don't get it?.

 I assume that maybe, I will never understand how you can label a mixed breed family pet as a direct ferocious breed when he is mixed with 4 different types of breeds?. One of them being... A West Highland White Terrier. Heeheeheehee! That is where Snoreo gets the pure white undercoat that is now starting to show on his belly and legs. When asking if they accept children and certain breeds... The response has been PRICELESS! We like to make sure to have folks understand that if you are going to sound absolutely silly saying that a mixed breed dog, is a ferocious dog, when you accept dogs. Then we are going to ask if you have the same policy with children. This might sound a bit funny to some folks reading this blog, but we actually had two private owners tell us on the phone as their response to our question;

"I do not allow children. NO kids under the age of 5. You can not have more than 2 children. My rental property was destroyed by a young child, so therefore we do not accept children."

One rental property we found online last week read in big, bold letters: NO CHILDREN-NO CHILDREN-NO CHILDREN. Eric looked at me and said, "Should I text them and ask if they allow children?" Heeheeheehee! Need I say more on the difficulties we have been facing on a mixed breed Snoreo? Our extremely loving, big baby, beyond spoiled-almost to a fault, four different breeds, MIXED BREED fur child. Heeheeheeehee! Myself and Eric have gotten quite a few chuckles while sifting through rental properties. I assume our great 'House Hunting Adventures,' might find itself having a great 'House Rental Adventures,' sequel one day! Hahahahaha!

The fun never ends, but isn't that what makes life so gosh darn FUN and quite ENTERTAINING?! Not only true, but it helps keep our minds off of far more serious matters. My health. So... As we go back to the crazy game of chess, figuring out our next move, literally. Our so-called ferocious breed, mixed fur child, GERMAN SHEPHERD Snoreo, has an ancestor that just won the most famous dog show of the entire world!

Rumor, the German Shepherd took first place, Best In Show, at the most famous dog show in the world!

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

I feel for the next person that dares to say that Snoreo's mixed breed, German Shepherd is a ferocious breed. I can't wait to finally have a corrective response! I am sorry, but your information is incorrect. Snoreo's 1 in 4 breeds, a mixed breed German Shepherd, is the best in the world after his breed just won the Westminster Dog Show!


Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EST
Updated: February 17, 2017 1:38 AM EST
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February 14, 2017
Mood:  hug me
Now Playing: Day 2598-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)




This might not had been our ideal kind of way to celebrate Valentine's Day... At home, day 3... Stuck on the ole couchbed, but we still were able to celebrate TOGETHER.


Isn't that what holidays are all about? Togetherness.

There has been a quite vocal and cute as can be Siberian Husky named, Mishka who literally stole my heart! We all have that one place or two, where we go in order to escape reality. If even for a mere moment... Myself and Eric have been a huge Mishka the Talking Husky fan for quite a long time! Mishka has also stole the hearts of many fellow online friends with her husky chatter and super cute videos, along side her siblings and human family. I have personally lost track of how many times we have watched videos of Mishka The Talking Husky over the years. There is just something about Mishka, that instantly warms your heart!

In honor of Valentine's Day, why don't we all do something a bit different this year? Why not take a few moments and a few dollars to share the LOVE for Mishka? XOXOXO

At the young husky age of 14 years. Mishka has been recently dealing with her own medical journey. As Mishka continues to bravely battle her own health issues that as of today, are starting to now affect her quality of life. Mishka's human family is asking for your help. We can all afford to give. There is just no excuse why we all can't give, even a few dollars, to help Mishka the Talking Husky who has brought so much joy, smiles, laughter and even tears to so many around the world.

This Valentine's Day...


Let's all help MISHKA!




Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 9:44 PM EST
Updated: February 14, 2017 10:09 PM EST
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February 13, 2017
An INDOOR Kind Of Valentine's Day!
Mood:  chillin'
Now Playing: Day 2597-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)


This year looks like it will be a Valentine's Day spent indoors, but that's quite OK for Mr. Snoreo!

Guess the local DFF hall, Dogs Of Fun Families, are having their annual BowWowValentine dance tonight. Snoreo decided to take a quick nap, while waiting on Littleblue to finish getting ready. Heeheeheehee! Sorry... I don't do voice overs. Not just yet, anyways. Hahahahaha!

Eric was on his own again this afternoon. Another day going solo while taking Snoreo and Littleblue on their daily river trail walk. We sure do miss having a huge fenced in backyard! That is on our next home list of 'MUST HAVE.' Two days of not being able to walk is not sitting well with my body. I could barely get up to brush my teeth. So I know the importance of allowing my body some much needed rest. Of course, this meant having to push back our first in over a year, overnight historic investigation. Eric had to make that call early this morning after I got zero sleep. Little ole cranky, ME. That's putting it very lightly! HA!

Back to the impossible. Making plans in advance.

We have not a clue on how I am going to be feeling, days before the upcoming Journey concert. It could possibly be a complete wash, if my body doesn't at least give me some sort of warning. In advance. I would much rather auction the tickets off online and donate the money, than to have them just sit here at home. I don't want to be put in the position of having to sell them right now. Especially since we still have a little over a month left before the concert. We even had a house showing scheduled for later this afternoon, but with me unable to even get up off my couchbed. Eric had to once again, reschedule. By later this afternoon. We came to a quick agreement, that the best way to sell our home is to vacate it first. Being sick and not having much of a warning, makes showing our home virtually impossible. First of course, we must secure a temporary rental home. It seems now and days, finding a rental is a million times more difficult than getting a mortgage loan. For those who have asked. We are selling our home, by owner, 'As Is.'

All good things... All in good timing. Patience is a must!

At least I found a silver lining, while being stuck indoors, on my couchbed. I once again, connected with an online friend, Amy who does editing work for a local newspaper in Maine. It's been super nice having someone show me all the tricks of the trade when utilizing a green screen! The software has been a heck of a lot more difficult to master than I had initially anticipated. Using small photo editing paint brushes with an unsteady hand has been the hardest part when trying to erase the green screen from the initial frame. What I am having fun doing, is sending over photos from prior historic sites that myself and Eric have visited over the years. There are a few photos, that have now taken on an entirely different life of their very own!

This photo was taken 2 years ago. The early 1800's property was owned by the only doctor-surgeon in the entire city. The house was not only his residence, but as well operated as his medical practice, surgical room and  even a graveyard located in the backyard. We had quite a few very bizarre things transpire at the historic home during our overnight stay. There are actually a few photos in which, clearly something is in the frame, but we couldn't quite make out the image. As of this evening, Amy was able to successfully uncover the image in the mirror. Not only was this the exact dark silhouette that we captured in a few other photos, but after careful review. We realized that the 7ft individual, in what appears to be a coat with some sort of old pin located on the front. Is actually who we believe to be the prior owner of the home back in the 1800's. The doctor-surgeon, husband and father of five. Wearing a medical pin. It took only a few minutes, once Amy was able to zoom in on the tall, dark silhouette in the mirror, to quickly realize that we were not only standing in the owners surgical suite, but as well behind us were medical pins that he collected over the years. There were quite a few pieces of medical history on display in his surgical suite that the doctor used while treating patients in his home.

We never went outside, in the backyard which used to be where they buried patients that had passed away either due to illness or surgical complications. There was far too much activity indoors. We felt no need to disturb those now at rest. It's amazing to think that some owners of beautiful historic homes, a piece of history, never truly leave.

They still  live on...

Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EST
Updated: February 15, 2017 1:27 AM EST
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February 12, 2017
Homebound... For A Bit?.
Mood:  chillin'
Now Playing: Day 2596-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)


What an absolutely CRAZY winter! 

Nothing quite like going to bed with the werewolves...

Then waking up with a fresh coat of snow on the ground?.

Yep, this is what happens when a huge problem, called Global Warming, starts taking over our seasons. I don't have the immune system to keep up with all of this crazy weather. This year is already starting to feel like pure hell!

We are scheduled to meet the owners of a local historical property tomorrow evening. What I am not sure of right now is what direction my body will end up going?. Good day. The next day... I am right back down again. Back on the ole couchbed, stuck indoors. Today is another grim reminder of how much I now lack control, when it comes to my body. Internally.

Thankfully, Eric is on his rotating days off from work. It's a good thing too! We are already quickly exhausting FMLA time and this year has just begun! What I lack, is now certainly causing both of us, some major panic. I need to get my blood levels, white cell counts, back up to even a bit more normal of a range. Not off the charts as what continues to show on lab reports. I was given one option this week via Oncology. Another experimental option, of course, not covered by our insurance. Honestly, I am not for certainly who has insurance that will cover Immunotherapy treatment?. I must first go through rounds of not-so-pleasant shots to reverse some allergy issues to prescription drugs due to a compromised immune system. Of course, those are actually covered by our insurance with an out-of-pocket deductible of $1,500.

Not all is free. Not even with health insurance.

This years uphill battle, definitely is not going to be an easy one. Not in the least bit! First though, I must get far more good days. Today? Not a good day, but instead a day of rest. I fear this upcoming spring season. Allergy season. Without at least a bit stronger immune system. I might end up literally being stuck indoors, unless tightly masked going outdoors and in the general public. One more infection or worse, any of the many viruses or flus going around right now and this gal could be in far worse trouble. I was warned this week to stay away from the public, due to all sorts of nasty viruses going around. Unfortunately, tomorrow's historic overnight investigation might end up being pushed back to the following week.

That's life. The unpredictable, unforeseen circumstances that sometimes are out of your control.

As far as Immunotherapy treatments? A possible cure to help boost my immune system and blood levels to a far safer, normal level? $200,000-$300,000 is a long shot!

Masks anyone? At least... They're cheap.

Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EST
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February 11, 2017
What You NEVER Want To Pass On...
Mood:  sharp
Now Playing: Day 2595-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)


Radiation therapy, chemotherapy and all sorts of other experimental oncology therapies.

The one most single group of batons that you never want to pass on. Not to any family/framily member, friend, neighbor, coworker or anyone else.

As I bravely and proudly continue to exit my oncology journey... One of those above begins their very first steps next week. A beginning of their own journey. The very first steps of a very grueling therapy. The absolutely most harsh type of cancer therapy.


Sure, as a patient who experienced her own maximum dose that not only failed to provide any cure, but actually, made things a million times worse. I still have my views. I still have my opinions, but the one thing you can never do... Is to dictate another patients own personal decision.

To me? Cancer is all the same. It's the same kind of evil, but just in different forms.

I was warned that the most harsh side effects of a maximum course of radiation would not begin until towards a year post-radiation therapy. I would like to at least say... Oncologists have that answer one billion percent CORRECT!

9 months later.........

I am just now starting to pay the radiation pied piper when it comes to a failing immune system, damaged organs, dried out hip bones which has now made using my home treadmill, virtually impossible. I have dealt with more infections and complications since 2 weeks after my last round of radiation, than over the past several years. I am still dealing with the same consistent E Coli infection that began a week after my last round of treatments. Now instead of running high fevers. My doctors are doing their best to manage an abnormally consistent, low body temperature. It's called, the body shutting down. I more than perfectly OK to be brutal honest with the truth. I am still doing the best this gal can on enduring the highest doses of some serious antibiotics and other various medications. All in hopes of my team of specialists doing their best to stay at least one step ahead of the battle. I am still battling other post-radiation and oncology treatment side effects weeks and even months later. A severe delay. Could this be due to my Gastroparesis and an already slow as a snail absorption rate? No one is for certain, but what we do know is that my battle is far from over. A new post-oncology treatment battle has begun. A battle of nothing, but PURE HELL.

Since I was given radiation therapy, lower abdominal area, in a maximum, fast track, 3D dose. My intestines are worse now than before treatment. My GI transit time has gotten far worse and so has the daily pain and vomiting. Marinol is now beginning to slow down as far as the benefits that I once used to receive from the magical little pill. This has now left a strong team of doctors wondering what else they can possibly do or provide me. For those who find offense to posting photos of myself in a far more HAPPIER state? Needless to say, you have not even a mere clue of the battle. I plan on continuing to show the far happier days, not the far worse days, when times I am not sure if I will make it out of the bathroom, oncologist's office or emergency room. If you don't like the far more happier, smiling, beautiful photos of myself... Tough cookies!

I refuse to look, how I truly feel. That is MY POWER.

So... As I bravely faced the toughest battle that I will most likely ever face and walked back out of the closed oncology society doors.... Next week, another of the above that I know. Another member of the radiation group of extremely BRAVE patients and searching for a chance at extending their life, SOULS, will begin their journey. My thoughts and prayers go out to this brave cancer patient. A brave soul. I can only hope that God allows them the chance at what they truly deserve.

A cure.


Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EST
Updated: February 13, 2017 4:26 AM EST
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February 10, 2017
Doing The EXTREME Country!?.
Mood:  surprised
Now Playing: Day 2594-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)


Wholly MOLY! No, I am not talking about GUACAMOLE either! Heeheeheehee...

Talking about a paranormal experience! Yesterday's blog set a third, all-time-record, new permalink reader subscription!



It was a very rushed start to an unseasonably warm, allergy filled weekend. YUCK! Mother Nature must still be confused, because it's still winter. Not spring. I was already feeling like pure hell. By this afternoon, the pure hell started to grow horns. BAH! (Eric laughing in the background as I read this blog out loud) Teeheeheehee! Bring on the Puffs Kleenex With Vicks! Yep, got that along with plenty of extra large zip lock puke bags in the car and off we went! EXTREME country bound!

 Hums the ole country tune:


Ahhhh...yes... That's the kind of country I am talking about! Wayyyyy out yonder! Far away from the city life. The crazy drivers and far too overpopulated, cookie cutter neighborhoods, way too many retailers within a hand shake kind of distance, type of city life. We are talking about EXTREME country life and a rental property that could possibly, finally be the one! Maybe instead of singing the ole country tune. We might be instead singing the praises of, "HALLELUJAH!" Heeheeheeheehee!

Trust me, it's going to happen! We have already had a few calls regarding our home that we placed up for sale a little over a week ago. The problem isn't with trying to sell our home on our own, but instead trying to show our home. While we are still living in our home, with a crazy daily schedule that is anything, but normal. A small realty group contacted us a few days ago, with regards of possibly having them assist in selling our home. The problem is with trusting a realtor. Any realtors, after we got royally burned. We plan on selling our home the CORRECT and HONEST way. Not the sneaky, vindictive, DISHONEST way. I would never want to put anyone in the situation of utter shock of purchasing a home on such dishonest, mere fabricated lies, like we were handed. Deceit. We weren't expecting to already receive a few calls, only a little over a week after placing the 'For Sale By Owner' sign. However... The value of our home has already increased a little over $10,000 since we purchased the David Copperfield surprise. Heeheeheehee! Country life SELLS!

Now, hopefully if the wind of change continues to be on our side... We will soon be living the EXTREME country life. I am talking about everyone knowing everyone and everything about everyone. A mere trip to the small Mom and Pop store, buying within the country and supporting your fellow neighbors. Over 100 acres of beautiful land and not a care in the world, kind of extreme country living. Ahhhhh...yes.... Now THAT is what we are talking about! Only time will tell and so will a chance to live in the most pure kind of peace and quiet that one can find in the country. As for now, we must take a deep breath, watch, wait and see.

Since I started this blog on a paranormal note. Why not end this blog on a far more paranormal note? Thanks to Amy and her amazing photo skills. The photo of Laura has been enhanced and what an AMAZING enhancement it has turned out to be! We still aren't sure what the white line is on the right of the photo, but we definitely know it IS part of the environment in which the photo was taken. INCREDIBLE! I can't wait to pick back up, where myself and Eric left off over a year ago... Another historic adventure next week!

"Hope is Faith holding out its hand in the dark."

Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EST
Updated: February 13, 2017 3:59 AM EST
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February 9, 2017
Mood:  surprised
Now Playing: Day 2593-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)


We might not be able to celebrate Valentine's day this upcoming weekend, due to Eric having to work.


I was surprised today with a most UNEXPECTED early Valentine's Day gift!

No... Not the usual flowers, candy or other sweet treats, but instead a long awaited opportunity to get back into a huge passion of mine.

Back to overnight investigations! WOO~HOO!!!!!

It's been a little over a year since the last time we traveled to another historic location. Another vacant property. An opportunity to once again venture where most refuse to go and connect with the unexplainable, unpredictable and sometimes even the most unbelievable.

Since I can't venture off too far, due to obvious medical reasons. Eric surprised me with an email that included photos of a local historic site. A first for the proud owners with having us as guests, investigating their beautiful 201 year old property. Talking about SUPER EXCITED! Especially since there has yet to be anyone who can make sense of some very odd occurrences that have taken place at the property over the years. I am all about visiting such historical sites, as this location that we will be visiting early next week.


This was just what I needed, a break from anything medically related! Finally a chance to get back to some sort of normalcy, even if that means a place where most folks would never want to venture off to discover, whatever there might be to uncover. We never go to any location expecting anything, for us, this is our passion and pure enjoyment. I love visiting and discovering what remains within the walls of some of the most historical sites and locations. This evening, I began smiling from ear to ear, just looking back over the years at the locations, photos, videos and other equipment findings of some of the most historical places we have visited. There is always something new to explore at each unique location!

Fear? I fear nothing. I assume maybe that has to do with my past, medically.

We have met so many amazing people over the years. Those who also have a huge passion for exploring the past and uncovering the unknown. I am so happy, excited, but most importantly, I am extremely blessed to now pick up where we left off a little over a year ago. Back to what we both enjoy sharing as a couple. Together. The chance to connect with those spiritually. Sure, some might not believe in the afterlife, nor that our spirits still remain. Everyone is entitled to be a skeptic of something and that to us, is perfectly... OK.

We have so many photos and other documented findings that we have captured over the years. It's honestly very hard, not to believe that our spirits some how remain here on earth. I consider what I have, as a gift. A gift that started at a very young age. As I have gotten older, my gift of connecting has only gotten stronger. 

Having the chance to once again, visit another historic site, a property from many decades ago. A building that still stands as if time stood still. It's fascinating! It's outright exciting! You never know what to expect and that is what is so intriguing with investigating. The unknown. We never do any type of historic background checks on any properties, buildings, businesses or residential homes. We like to go in with zero knowledge, only the directions on how to get there via car. We leave everything else up to the building itself. History has a way of talking and so do the walls that surround it.

I could literally write a book about our experiences over the years. It's been one exciting historic road trip after another and to just think... Here I am... Ready to hit the road again in search of another historical location. Another story to share about our past. Back in the day...

One particular photo that remains very close to both of us, just happens to had been taken with my cell phone camera. Eric was changing out batteries as I started to take random photos in the dark. We always investigate after midnight, during our overnight stay. Rarely do we have time to view all our equipment on site, but for some reason, the camera flash caught a very surreal and remarkable image.

This photo is of a woman in the morgue. It appears that the woman in a long white gown is looking down at the autopsy table. Earlier in the evening myself and Eric kept hearing what appeared to be a woman's voice not only saying, "Hello," but as well saying her name. "Laura." We also caught the same woman's voice, numerous times on our recorder.

A week later, we contacted the owners of the quite large historical building that used to operate back in the day as a tuberculosis hospital. This photo was not only astonishing to the owners, but also completed a 5 year mystery of a white mist like figure that had been seen frequenting the same floor of the historic building. They were never able to get a clear image of what they thought could possibly be someone that had passed away at the hospital. With my cell phone and our small digital recorder. The white mist like figure now has a name and a photo of Laura now remains in a beautiful silver flower frame in their home.

How naive, if we refuse to believe in the afterlife. I believe that our spirit still remains, until we all cross Heaven's Gate... Together.

Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EST
Updated: February 10, 2017 2:49 AM EST
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February 8, 2017
Valentine's Day! CANDY DAY! :)
Mood:  amorous
Now Playing: Day 2592-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)


What holiday is lurking right around the corner... With a big, red, heart shaped, super sweet treat waiting inside?




With everything going on in our lives, I almost forgot to decorate! Unfortunately, due to most of our holiday decorations already being meticulously packed away. I opted for just a few Valentine's day decorations this year. LESS is MORE! I have a hunch, that this year is going to fly on by, in a blink of an eye!

Today seemed to as well, fly on by...

I didn't want to jinx myself in saying that this year, would be a far less doctor visit kind of year. Who I am fooling to think such a thing? Today was another beginning of another medical year with 2 specialist appointments back-to-back. Since I am at my max with oncology treatments, the next dose being the fatal dose. All that anyone can do at this time with new lesions, cancerous growths rearing their ugly head, is to biopsy and stage. I had been debating on if it would be worth even knowing the battle at this point?. Some how, knowing what I am battling, seems to be half the battle. My battle. I continue doing better knowing, than not knowing. I am fortunate to still have that option. I am also fortune enough to still fool the best of the best when it comes to my outer appearance. Eric loves to be front and center when visiting a new specialist. The priceless looks viewing page after page after page of surgical notes, test reports, specialist notes, oncology treatment notes, blah, blah, blah... Then looking up at me... PRICELESS! Maybe today wasn't the best of the best of days. Doing my best to not appear anything close to how I feel on the inside, but it still seemed to work.

"You look great! If I didn't look at your medical records. I would had never guessed with how much you have going on medically."

When I hear anything close to what I was told today. Then I know what I am doing is still working! TADA!! Let's face it, my major transformation has certainly come a very LONG WAY! From the super short, dark hair-almost black, pixie hair cut. To the super blonde, extensions, curls and the whole nine yards! This gal has come a long way to continue hiding how I feel inside. I refuse to look sick. Not if I can continue helping it anyways! If I can't feel good about myself on the inside, I sure the heck can at least do my best to feel my most absolute best on the outside!

This year is all about embracing the feminine side of me. The make up, magical hair accessories, no more sweats and zipped hoodies, every day side of me. Sure, I still can't wear the shoes that I would like to wear. The same super cute shoes with heels that I once wore during my career days, but this gal isn't going to ring in another gym shoe year either! Cute boots for the winter, with low, flat, chunky heels. Summer will be all about super cute sandals! I plan to slay with my new feminine look and embrace it along the way~ All the way through this new year, 2017!

So... Maybe not today. It most certainly was not a super cutsie slay with my feminine look way kind of day, but I still got up and got my far better wardrobe out for the day. After back-to-back specialist appointments and another round of biopsies. We still did our best to enjoy the rest of the day with the fur gang. I am that kind of gal, that no matter how yucky I am feeling. You will still catch me walking at the trails or with Littleblue and Snoreo at one of our local dog parks in the country. If anyone knows that the ole saying is true, it's definitely ME.

Life is far too short. Enjoy each and every hour, minute and second that God gives you!

OH... By the way... Look FABULOUS while you do so too! Ladies, embrace the most BEAUTIFUL  YOU~

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February 7, 2017
Indiana... "I"
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Indiana... "I" can't believe how ridiculously hard it is to obtain a new drivers license?!.

In our case.. The auditor's office needs verification from Eric that he is a current resident of Indiana. That either means having to obtain a state ID or taking the ridiculously hard drivers test. Mind you... No two tests are alike, this means that if you fail the first time, you can forget trying to figure out the correct answers before taking the drivers test for the second time.

We never knew that if you live out of state and move to Indiana. You are required to take the Indiana drivers written test. This is a computer test with 50 random questions and if you are not familiar with laws of rural areas and farm land. You are most likely going to have to take the test a few times around in order to pass. Eric was warned, even from those who work at our local BMV, so imagine my surprise when he passed the test this morning. On the very first try!


Since I just renewed my license and car tags. I didn't have to go through Indiana's state license hurdles. I also don't have to provide requested information for our local auditor since the loan for our lemonade home is solely in Eric's name. We got smart! By using Eric's VA benefits and keeping the loan only in his name, we still have the option for a mortgage loan in my name. With my OCD credit monitoring, we should be A-OK, but as for now we still need to vacate our current home so the bank can proceed with the appropriate litigation steps. Yea... Right! Easier said, than done! We are still waiting on the county in Nevada to contact us back with the next round of state testing. In the meantime, we have still been searching for a temporary rental home. We also just had to fork out additional money in order to apply a few more Band-Aids around the foundation. Mother Nature hasn't been too kind to anyone through out this winter season. The crazy, constantly changing extreme temperatures, has our home doing another major shift. $2,200 later... A few more Band-Aids to hold us over. At least so our home doesn't decide to finally come crumbling down on us.

So much for the disability benefits in the state of Indiana when purchasing a home. It won't matter with the upcoming tax breaks we are suppose to receive starting in the spring. We will be lucky to just have a home that is still standing. HA!

All is not lost. At least we can still enjoy the peaceful evening walks along the river trails...


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