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Do you have something to say? Do yourself a favor, send it to us; SOUND OFF!
-Send what is on your mind and we will post it!
All names will appear anonymous so feel free to get something off your chest and free your body from stress-SOUND OFF!


-Must doctors always think its all in your mind when you suffer from a chronic condition?
-Why is the pharmacy always in the back of the store but the liquor is in the front?
-Who designed the new Walmart layouts? Wouldn't you put the frozen foods and dairy items near the checkouts in front and not in the back?
-Do you really think its ok to hack a lung in my face at the checkout line?
-Nikes saying is 'Just do It.' If I just did it then I wouldn't need to buy your shoes.
-If we underpay on our taxes the IRS sends us a letter but if we are owed they don't let us know.
-Please, save the money at the hospitals, let us bring our own PJ's to the emergency room.
-If you ask me how I am doing and don't let me answer then why did you ask me in the first place?
-If you expect me to sit in the emergency isle next to the emergency door on the plane then why wouldn't you just show me how to open it instead of hand dancing exits then waiting when I have no choice?
-'Happy Holidays,' if that was the case why does it leave everyone so stressed?
-Sick days are meant to take when you are sick.
-I am tired of feeling alone in a crowd.
-My church collects donations to help those in need then sends them overseas but shouldn't we help our neighbors first?
-Fast food should be fast not take a hour in the drive-through line.
-Why do people think you will never get caught talking behind someones back?
-What happened to the days of knowing your neighbors, I lived next door to mine over 10 years and only know him by a wave.
-If the economy is getting better why am I still fighting hundreds for one job opening?
-So now we find out the benefits of dark chocolate? I am 80 years old, healthy and live by the biscuits, sausage and gravy diet.
-After all these recalls I seem to not have 'OH WHAT A GOOD FEELING' with my Toyota.
-Can someone make Barium actually taste like strawberries or chocolate and not like chalk!
-Do frequent Gastroparesis patients get VIP parking passes at the hospitals and doctor offices?
-I have a suggestion, tell these hospitals to provide Playstation systems for patients who wait hours during our treatment and waiting to be discharged.
-Biggest Loser is my favorite TV show but wheres the show for the Biggest Gainers?
-I think medical insurance companies should offer a Cash Back plan for those who suffer from chronic medical conditions.
-How can music artists from the 80's era still say they are together when there is only one original band member left?
-Why is everyone so quiet on the elevator? I like to pretend I am on the cell phone with the President, makes people wonder who you are and what you are up to.
-If a product is low fat then why is there more calories than the regular?
-Keep your friends close but your enemies within an arms distance.
-Shouldn't a 'self cleaning' oven do just that? clean itself? why must I still do all the work?
-Come on now! If you parked next to the cart corral is it too much to ask you to put your cart there instead of on my car door?
-My Valentines day? One crabby mate! Would rather had a date with the 3Musketeers.
-I will never understand the evils of jealousy.
-Can't they come up with a different way for those who need nourishment other then sticking tubes up and down your nose?
-Why can't hospitals create bigger rooms and more comfortable beds?
-I miss the old days when people had manners and said please, thank you and your welcome.
-Why don't they put arrow lines at the gas pumps so there are not cars lined up in all different directions?
-It never fails with pop off top cans, they always cut your finger no matter how careful you open them.
-I remember the days when candy bars were only .10 each.
-Why should we have to let our appearance go in order for people to SEE that we are really sick? People should view others with their hearts and not their eyes.
-Nothing irritates me more than people using family members handicap passes just so they can park close.
-How do they make some of the winter Olympics sports a sport? Did you see some of the new ones this year? Come on now, lets get real.
-Its more expensive now to use the laundry mat then buying your own washer and dryer.
-How many licks does it really take to get to the center of a Tootsie roll pop? Are there tests to prove the truth behind the myth?
-Why can't they make sunless tan lotions for those who are sick and can't get out much in the sun during the summer that don't make you look orange?
-Is the Academy awards about honoring those in film or really just about who is wearing what this season?
-Smoke free restaurants really aren't smoke free if the outside smoking area door is open next to the patron tables.
-Why are liquid vitamins more expensive?
-It shouldn't have taken President Obama all this time to realize everyone should have health insurance regardless of any pre-existing condition.
-Why can't the stores put the vinegar next to the easter egg coloring?
-I thought retirement was meant to 'retire', now in today's society one is lucky to retire by age 75.
-Is it me or does gas prices always go up right after spring break starts?
-I think every doctor should have to drink a gallon of colonoscopy prep drink in order to get their certification/degree.
-With the economy so bad I think they should give all of us Gastroparesis patients a tax break on our prescriptions!
-If April showers bring May flowers what does June bring?
-Every day is a Hallmark holiday.
-If Walgreen's drive-through service is suppose to be faster then why do you wait in line forever?
-With airfare prices that keep rising it might be better to ride your bike to your next vacation destination
-Can someone make sugar-free chocolate that actually tastes like chocolate?
-Gastroparesis, the only medical condition that makes it OK to lick all the flavor off the Dorito's and not eat the chip.
-How can famous movie directors have the solutions and answers to stop the oil leak before a billion dollar company does?
-If we all just boycott BP gas will that finally force them to put their money where their mouth is?
-Its sad that society forgot what it means to love thy neighbor like thy self.
-Why can't everyone make a Dairy Queen Blizzard flavor?
-Do we really need M&M's that have pretzels in them?
-Nothing more wasteful on 4th of July then setting your money on fire and watching it explode into colorful sparks in the air.
 -Why can't we take some of our doctors money we all spend to get no answers nor cure for Gastroparesis and load that into a bottlerocket for Independence Day?
-If we can send men to the moon why can't we make medications that work without horrible side effects?
-If Tylenol is SO SAFE then why did they just have a recall and pull it off of the market?
-Does FDA really make sure new drugs are safe before being sold on the market or is it all about the $$$?
-Why is it every year the holiday commercials start a week earlier than the year before? Christmas in September?
-Can they make a meal supplement drink that doesn't taste like chalk?
-Must we make Halloween costumes politically correct? This is a holiday of fun!
-Can't they make Halloween candies in a one-bite size for us Gastroparesis patients?
-I will never understand why medical reports can not be faxed to new doctors in time for your first appointment. Then they expect you to come back again in 2 weeks. If your not ready for a new patient to be seen then just reschedule the appointment.
-Why don't doctors understand that our time as a patient is just as valuable as their time as a doctor?
-Doctor's make it seem so easy living with Gastroparesis. Just change your diet they say but honestly it isn't that easy.
-Why are the best sales after Christmas?
-Can Santa really fit down the chimney?
-Who thought fruitcake was a great idea?
-Why do retailers wait until the day after Christmas to mark everything down when everyone is already broke?
-I didn't know the 12 days of Christmas song is actually about scriptures from the bible.
-Does a New Year mean us Gastroparesis patients can finally have a NEW medicine that works to ease symptoms?
-Why do these stores insist on having New Year sales but its still last years merchandise?
-Who really keeps New Years resolutions?
-There is nothing quite beautiful as watching the first snowfall from the view of your window :)
-I wonder if anyone has any candy still left over in their stockings?
-Now starts the most boring time of the year between winter and spring.
-Is this new health care system designed for millionaires only or what?!
-I don't ever see them coming out with medication for Gastroparesis. Not in my lifetime.
-There are not enough clovers with the luck of the Irish to rid this monster GI condition!
-Can't they make pain medication that helps you stay awake not put you to sleep. It would be nice to function during the day.
-Am I putting on boots or sandals today? This weather is just as crazy as Gastroparesis. I can't figure out one day from the next.
-When you can't turn the volume down on your computer when web surfing on the clock.
-Why are the doctors around here so uneducated? I'm tired of being sick, in pain and unmedicated just because you can't take the time to research my condition.
-I am tired of telling my story over and over again when it come to me missing work to take care of my husband who has Gastroparesis. Even his own Mother doesn't understand.
-I've been getting jerked around by the so-called "medical community" where I live for the past 8 years; I'm dealing with a bunch of incompetent, trouble-making grown-up children with more mental problems than I'll ever have, and I'm so fed up.  I have faced the fact that I will never get any help or a diagnosis as long as I live here (I absolutely loathe this place and just want out; it's not where I was born anyway); The latest episode is with the doctor who was my regular doctor and just how ignorant he has revealed himself to be.  (never mind certain members of his office staff).  I can't get any information, I can't get any help, and I'm ready to become homeless just to get out of here.  Someone please say a prayer for me.
-I hate that my children's Mother says I am useless and lazy because I won't go on vacation anymore. This is knowing I have Gastroparesis. The last two times we went on vacation I got very sick. I spent 58 days last year in the hospital and 71 days the year prior. This year also doesn't look very good. No one understands what is like to be sick EVERYDAY!!!!
I guess I am just very tired of being sick and tired as well not being able to do anything. I am ready to give up.
-Why does family say they understand but they fail to understand?
-A new year means more medical bills for me.
-I miss being able to actually enjoy summer instead of just viewing it from my window.
-When are they ever going to come out with a cure instead of medications that only temp fix one symptom?
-No. Gastric pacemakers do not always solve the nausea problem. In fact my nausea has gotten worse.
-When someone tells you they wish they had what you had so they could lose weight...then say they were just being facetious. Should I have slapped her?
-When you call your doctor 3 times and email 4 times. Your nutritionist faxes 5 times, calls 3 times and still no one returns our calls or emails. Its time to move on no matter how great this doctor is suppose to be. 

-Finding out who my friends are. Just because someone wants to be friends on Facebook I don't always believe them. About tired of it honestly.

-So tired of constant nausea and pain. Setting a clock at night so I can take meds yet the pain is still there and the doctor won't return my calls.
-Why does society view those who are sick as weak minded individuals?
-Trick or Treat OR Treats=a TRICK living with Gastroparesis!
-After being a part of clinical trials for a possible new GP drug for diabetics its sad to recently find out it failed
-When is stem cell research going to advance?
-Why is it honorable hospitals like Johns Hopkins have clear Apple-Juice tasting Barium, but little Community Hospitals still use the creamy tanning-lotion tasting Barium? Talk about having "drink-aversion issues" WHEW!
-I WISH my family understood the very little energy GP patients have during the holiday season and the rest of the year...
-My Gastroparesis is always ten times worse in the heat, its no wonder I have no summer life.
-Why have a GI teaching clinic if you're just going to turn me away as "too difficult of a case" once I'm diagnosed with Gastroparesis? Are they teaching doctor's when to give up?
-More and more people have GP. Me?. I'm a crippled foodie and as luck would have it (in an ironic way) I am also a gourmet food buyer. I've been sick for over three years now, feel isolated, alone, and totally pissed off that big pharma can't get off their overpaid fat a** and work on drugs for GP. Now... they are showing more interest due to diabetes and finally see a multi million dollar market waiting patiently. I would love to see one of these people get GP.
I'm tired , I am frustrated, sick of being sick... And now with that "Miracles From Heaven" movie coming out, I wonder how many of us will climb a tree and fall out on our heads to see if we can be "cured."
Things happen for a reason- I'm struggling with this one now.
-What I miss most during the holidays is the ability to eat.
-We can find a cure for lack of an erection, but we can't find a cure to help those who suffer from malnutrition?
-Medical marijuana could potentially be the answer for gastroparesis! Support state legislation on legalizing medical marijuana!
-Swimming used to be fun before Gastroparesis took the energy out of me as I now have to sit on the side lines and watch everyone else have fun

-COVID-19 quarantine means that normal people get to see what it's like being isolated. Life of a Gastroparesis patient

-Why must I pay for a full meal when my GP only allows for a third or less of a meal?
-Covid-19 means even far less ways to be creative living with a limited GP diet. The economy makes it virtually impossible to afford GP friendly foods
-Valentine's Day can either be a gastroparesis patients best or worst holiday enemy


'My recipe for dealing with anger and frustration: set the kitchen timer for twenty minutes, cry, rant, and rave, and at the sound of the bell, simmer down and go about business as usual.'

*Spreading GP Awareness One Person At A Time*
You My Friend Will Never Again Walk Alone
2006 D.S